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Friday, 16 December 2011

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Teeth are the part which has immense importance in human body. The care of teeth is an essential part to avail of this blessing of God forever. It must be kept in mind to have a beautiful smile; one must have beautiful set of teeth. Teeth not only give shape to our face but also increase confident. The more sparkling teeth you have, the happier you are. Whitening toothpastes cure outer minor discolorations only. These toothpastes bleach outer part of tooth only and not protect inner part of tooth.  Caring of teeth is possible in natural way to control all disease of teeth like stains of tea, coffee, smoking, wine and gutka on permanent bases. The home remedies for whitening your teeth naturally are as following:
Baking Powder:  Baking Powder is best home remedy for whitening teeth. It is cheap and all time favorite home remedy. Dentists are also agreed for using it as it has natural oxidant for whitening. It can be use separately as toothpaste or may be used by mixing in toothpaste.
Lemon and salt: use 1tsp lemon juice with half tsp salt. Mix both. And apply on teeth with your finger or brush gently. It will not only whiten your teeth but also preserve teeth from decaying.
Hydrogen Peroxide:  hydrogen peroxide is cheap remedy .apply it with brush. It will burn your gums a little bit, you feel some irritation but it is not a serious matter .after some seconds you will be left with clean and whitening teeth. You can use it by brush or by dipping a cotton swap in this solution. Apply this swap on teeth gently. After regular use for two or three week you will find your teeth whiten permanently.
Bamboo’s Ash:  It will be strange for you to hear about ash. Isn’t it? But it is true ash of bamboo leaves is the best home remedy for whitening teeth. Apply it on teeth and rub teeth gently. It will give your teeth a beaming look. You can apply this ash by mixing it in toothpaste in a tiny amount at permanent basis for sparkling teeth. You need to be careful while using ash as it may be harmful for enamel on your teeth. So don’t use it as permanent remedy.
Strawberries: strawberries have natural oxidant called malic acid. It is an astringent that use for removing discolorations of teeth. Crush strawberry, make its pulp and add baking powder in it, blend this mixture well. Apply it on teeth with soft brush. Leave this mixture on teeth for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove it with the help of brush. You can use this remedy once a week. This remedy will remove all the stains of coffee, wine, tea and smoking which your teeth having.
Home made toothpaste: cheap toothpaste made by natural herbs can be used for natural way of whitening teeth. Take 2\3 cup baking soda,
4 tsp fine sea salt,
 Extract of peppermint 1 to 2 tsp (you can add any flavor according to your taste instead of peppermint if you don’t like)
And water according to desired measure. Mix all the ingredients till its paste blended well. Use it regularly. It will whiten your teeth as well as freed you from bad breath.


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