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Friday, 16 December 2011

Hair Styles For Round Faces 2012

Hair is the beauty for a female. Different females have different shapes of face. Their structure is different. Their parts are different .one has long face and other has round. One has long hair and on the other shore of beauty, the other lady has short hair. As the nature of a female is variable. She always demands change. We know the beauty always lies in variations. Difference in hair colors, styles is known as hair fashion. Hair styles go on changing every year. New hair styles 2012 for round faces are as follows.
 For round face, short hairs in layers add beauty in round encounters. Short hairs not only increase sophistication in round faces but also give a young look. It is never goes out from fashion arena. Short hairs are easy to fix in less time. Therefore, round face females always stick to short bobs. Bob style is easy to maintain in summer. So round face female attracts toward short bob. Adding layers and minimum volume may take away the roundness of a face and giving an impressive look. It is necessary to keep in mind that women of round faces must reduce the volume of their hair to keep themselves less chubby.  Off centre separating is also a best choice for round faces and gives an alluring capturing edge. Off centre partition will give long face look to a chubby face. This is also used in bridal hairstyles for round faces’ brides. Longer hair on the sides hides your round face with long tapered waves and decreases roundness of face. Longer layered bob hair style will give wispy looks to round face.  Inverted bob is always remained in limelight of fashion and style. It never goes out since a very long time. Soft layers side swept hair style is also a best style for round faces. It will decrease round encounters and give a beautiful look. Bob hair styles is evergreen in females because it suits all hair types, hair textures, hair colors and hair length and gives an elegant ,smart and charming looks to a round encounter face. Second reason behind its popularity is that it suits women of all ages. Modern bob hair style is a mixture of all cutting techniques like wavy, spikes and asymmetrical haircuts. Asymmetrical haircut is cut in a shape that one side of hairs is longer than other side. Shag hair style will also come into fashion as last layer will be above neck. This shag hair style will reduce chubbiness of round encounter face and gives young look to the round faces.
Long hair style for round face is to keep hair in wavy form and layers. Free layers on both cheeks also give a long form to face by hiding round cheeks.
Remember whatever style you are going to choose for round face. You need to be aware of that your face is round or not. Stylish looks always be gained by keeping a best hair style, suits you.


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