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Monday, 12 March 2012

Georges Hobeika Signature Collection

Georges Hobeika is a famous and international fashion designer. Every year, Georges Hobeika showcased his signature collection for every season. Recently, Georges Hobeika has launched his latest and exclusive signature collection. In Paris Fashion Week, he exhibits his Signature Collection for Summer/Spring 2012. His latest signature collection includes the wide variety of latest fashion such as beautiful cocktail frocks, high quality fabrics, bright and attractive colours. Let’s have a quick look at the stylish and elegant signature collection by Georges Hobeika. In additionally, his signature collection includes stylish tops. All the tops are considered to be very glittery as well as ruched. This collection is specially designed for western women. On the whole after discussing Georges Hobeika signature collection it is easy to conclude that all the dresses are very stylish and fashionable. His signature collection is getting very popular among western women. Finally, we can say that this signature collection by Georges Hobeika is extremely stylish and fashionable. 


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